World Projects, Inc.

Over the past three seasons, we have been collaborating with World Projects, Inc., resulting in in 17 brand new pieces specifically designed for young musicians as parts of Wind Ensembles, Choirs and Orchestras. 

For more information about World Projects, Inc. commission program, please click here.

To purchase scores that were created as part of this collaboration, please click here. A portion of sales of scores by our composers goes to support the BCC!

Past Seasons:

Season No. 5 Ensemble

Boston University Percussion Ensemble 

under the direction of Sam Solomon

Season No. 4

Arneis Quartet


Season No. 3

SoloFest ✼

✼ Ensemble 451 ✼

 Season No. 2  

                                                                                                                                                               ✼ Rivers School Conservatory

Redline Brass Quintet

    Season No. 1

        Vento Chiaro 

         the Fourth Wall  

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